PrJSC MHP Shares Experience Growth on London Stock Exchange

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, February 26, 2024
PrJSC MHP Shares Experience Growth on London Stock Exchange

Shares of MBP(Myronivski bread product), one of the leading poultry producers, saw a 3.1% increase, equivalent to $0.10, reaching $3.30 per share on the London Stock Exchange from February 19 to 23  

This rise comes after a week of decline, as detailed on the exchange's website and reported by Ukrainian News. The week commenced with shares at $3.20, seeing a gradual increase to $3.21, maintaining stability, then spiking to $3.40, before settling at $3.30. Transactions were active throughout the week, marking a 3.1% increase in share value since the beginning of 2024, from a January 2 quote of $3.20. This performance follows a 0.3% drop to $3.27 per share from February 12 to 16, after a previous growth period. Throughout 2023, MHP's shares witnessed an 18.1% decrease, dropping to $3.07 per share. The company, originally known as Myronivsky Hliboproduct, officially updated its name to MHP on February 2, 2021. MHP operates as a vertically integrated complex, focusing on chicken production, hatching eggs, and feed, with Yuriy Kosyuk as its founder. Its shares have been publicly traded in the form of global depository receipts since 2008.

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