Military Chasm Between Ukraine and Russia 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, April 20, 2022
Military Chasm Between Ukraine and Russia 

As of February 24, the occupying army lost 3.5 times more military equipment than Ukraine: 2998/845

According to the analytical company Oryx, during the 56 days of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian side suffered almost 4 times more losses than the Ukrainian side.

Moreover, according to The Economist, Russia has lost more in a week in Ukraine than in 8 years in Syria. Obviously, this was not what Putin was counting on.

“Despite being outgunned and outnumbered, Ukraine inflicted more casualties in 24 hours than Russia suffered over 8 years of engagement in Syria” The Economist.

What did the Ukrainians do with 2998 samples of Russian equipment

  • 1558 — destroyed;
  • 46 — damaged;
  • 1120 — captured.

The “great Russian army” abandoned another 244 units of its equipment, running away from the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Fighting against Ukraine, Russia lost 519 tanks (more than 300 of them were completely destroyed), 532 infantry fighting vehicles, 306 armored combat vehicles, 101 armored personnel carriers, and 95 infantry vehicles.

Losses of Ukraine — 845 units of military equipment, including 124 tanks.

  • 389 — destroyed;
  • 22 — damaged;
  • 36 — thrown;
  • 398 — captured.

Ukraine will win. Glory to Ukraine!

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