Military Hackathon in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 18, 2022
Military Hackathon in Ukraine

September 23-25 in the capital of Ukraine passed the first military hackathon "IDI Camp"

The IDI Camp organizers gathered representatives of various fields and professions who wanted to contribute to the victory over the aggressor. For 2 days, IT representatives, military, and creative people created new developments. More than 200 people gathered in one location. All of them were of different ages:  from students of technical universities (16-17 years old)  to veterans of engineering and programming and fighters with experience (70 years old). They were all working on the details of the war. Participants worked on development in 4 categories:

  • Creation of drones;
  • Mine clearance;
  • Communication issues;
  • Different (computer vision, psychological components of war, improvement of small arms).

"We want to create an enabling environment for the implementation and development of defence startups so that as many IT specialists as possible are involved in this so that many innovative projects useful for Ukraine and deadly to the enemy are created," told the co-founder of IDI Camp Anatolii Maslov.

The event was also attended by the deputy chief of the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine, Volodymyr Koval. He noted that such events are essential for the country, so the state is ready to support young ideas.

During the event, the best developments were also identified, and their creators were awarded cash prizes. The prize pool of the first military hackathon was $20.000. Names of winners and projects are not published for security reasons

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