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How Kyiv prepares for the New Year in the conditions of war
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Ukraine is a Christian country. The majority of the population here are Orthodox and Catholics. However, a more meaningful holiday than Christmas is the New Year. Preparation for it is a trembling period for every family and city.

This year, the conditions for preparing for the main holiday of the year are exceptional there is a war in the country. Therefore, municipal rules have changed: there will be no traditional Christmas tree on Sofiyska square, and because of the blackout regime no New Year's illumination. However, all this will be in the dungeon!

Metro stations began to be decorated the same way as the main squares of cities are usually decorated: a Christmas tree, toys, illumination and deers. This is a New Year's installation in Kyiv. Similar underground installations have been set up in Kharkiv and will be launched in other cities with a metro.

This is a Christmas tree project for 2023. However, the people of Kyiv opposed the tree installation since the city already has severe problems with energy supply, and for the sake of such a shining decoration, hours of power supply in private apartments would have to be sacrificed.

This is a photo of the New Year tree in 2022. Sofiyvska square was playing and burning with lights, there was a skating rink and shop houses with traditional New Year sweets nearby.

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