Military Risks Insurance Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, November 19, 2022
Military Risks Insurance Ukraine

To create a safe investment platform in Ukraine, the state has introduced military insurance with compensation for up to 90% of possible losses

Within the framework of the economic forum in Kyiv, the responsible departments of Ukraine raised the topic of restoring the state. To attract foreign investment to reconstruct Ukraine, the government develops and introduced war risk insurance. The state plan has 2 vectors: insurance of foreign investments and insurance of Ukrainian investors.

Specifically, the purchase of an insurance policy allows its owner to receive up to 90% compensation for potential losses. According to the minister of the economy of Ukraine, Yulia Sviridenko, as of today, the first agreement on investment insurance for $30 million has been concluded with MIGA company. In 2023, Ukraine and MIGA plan to implement a project of up to $1 billion. Support will be provided through direct lending and credit risk insurance.

"When we talk about insurance of military risks, we want it to be extended to the Ukrainian investor as well. That is, we are talking about the fact that if a Ukrainian investor wants to invest during the war, then he must be able to do this and have appropriate risk insurance," Yulia Sviridenko.

Today, the state has recorded more than 400 requests for investment in Ukraine through the Advantage Ukraine platform. The Ministry of the economy also works with export credit agencies of the G7 countries to lobby for the mutual investment interests of Ukraine and the 7 states.

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