Missile Shelling of Kyiv/Kharkiv/Lviv 14 Jan

Russia has been shelling Ukraine with ballistic missiles since 9 a. m.
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At 9:35 in the morning, during 1 hour and 27 minutes, Russia fired missiles at Kyiv. Air defence worked; no deaths. Missile debris fell on a critical infrastructure facility and a landscape museum. The people of Kyiv are hiding in the subway. In a village near Kyiv, the shock wave knocked out the windows. At 2:37 p. m., the 2nd wave of shelling began.

Funnel about projectile.

Lviv. A missile hit on a critical infrastructure facility. No death.

Kharkiv. 2 rockets hit a critical infrastructure facility and an unknown number hit an industrial facility. Emergency shutdowns of electricity and water have been introduced in the city.

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