“Mixmag” Culture From Now On in Ukraine

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, August 3, 2023
“Mixmag” Culture From Now On in Ukraine

The Kyiv agency bought the franchise of the world's largest dance music media

In 2023, Mixmag celebrates 40 years of electronic music. During this time, the franchise has spread to several countries and now to Ukraine. Mixmag is owned by the British company Wasted Talent, and this year the Kyiv music company Go West Bureau bought the Mixmag franchise. Kyiv is a powerful centre of music clubs and raves and is even known as "the 2nd Berlin," therefore, Mixmag's entry benefits both Ukrainians and the company's owner.

"As the newest and most important location for the world's largest dance music and media brand, Mixmag Ukraine will bring hope, aspiration, ambition and motivation to Ukrainian DJs, producers, promoters, dancers, clubbers, partygoers and fans of electronic music. Peace, love, unity and respect are the foundations of the global electronic music scene, and this will be the basic message that Mixmag Ukraine will spread through its news, materials, articles and events within the growing global Mixmag family", CEO of Wasted Talent Nick Stevenson.

It is expected that educational events, parties and raves will take place under the Mixmag label in Ukraine.

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