Mobile Operators of Ukraine Switch to Alternative Energy Networks

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 19, 2023
Mobile Operators of Ukraine Switch to Alternative Energy Networks

"Lifecell" launches a solar plant to create a green and independent power system for its enterprise

The Ukrainian mobile operator Lifecell announced the construction of a solar station of 84 m², which will power mobile capacities to provide service to 2ю000 subscribers in 4 settlements. In this way, Lifecell will be able to provide its subscribers with mobile communications even when Russia destroys Ukrainian power grids again. As a result, we have independence from the state network, a transition to green technologies, and constant communication with our relatives.

For now, the project is a test project and is located in Odesa. During the year, specialists will study the station's viability in war and unpredictable weather conditions. The station has 7 batteries and access to the state power grid.

"If the pilot project proves successful, the operator will scale up the use of solar panels to provide backup power to base stations, providing an environmentally friendly alternative to diesel generators at facilities where traditional power is problematic," Lifecell.

In case of the success of the program to provide green backup power, Lifecell will launch similar stations in other settlements of Ukraine.

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