Moldova Compiled a List of Persons Non-Grata

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, April 29, 2023
Moldova Compiled a List of Persons Non-Grata

The list is long, as yet unpublished, and includes Putin

On April 17, at the Chisinau airport, the Russian delegation was not allowed into the country, and on April 19, the Russian ambassador was expelled from the country.

On April 28, Moldovan prime minister Dorin Recean announced that the government had drawn up a list of persons who are now prohibited from crossing the borders of sovereign and independent Moldova. The measures were introduced to protect the policy of the state from the aggressive intervention of Russia. So far, the list has not been published, and undesirable persons will find out about their participation in this list already at the airport. But, most importantly, Putin is definitely on the list.

"We have a long list and we keep sending them home. At some point, we will make a public list, while the mechanism that is working today is enough. I assure you that no one who should not enter, does not enter. We will close the mouths of all those who propagate and sow war," Dorin Rechan.

The minister underlined that Moldova is an independent state that will not allow persons suffering from imperial ambitions to interfere in the life and legislation of another country.

"We will tell them that everyone should know their place and if they need to do something at home — then do it at home. They cannot impose rules on us, they must respect the citizens of the Republic of Moldova, institutions. We will not allow them to violate either the legislation of the Republic of Moldova or our rights and elections," Dorin Recean.

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