Money Earned in Ukraine on Farming Company 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, February 4, 2022
Money Earned in Ukraine on Farming Company 

Revenues from the agricultural land of Ukraine exceed $10.8 billion

There are 55 farming companies in Ukraine. In total, they regulate about 4.1 million hectares of fertile land. Due to the correct approach to land and the organized work, the owners of such land can receive a large number of funds. These are recent examples of companies that have been able to organize agricultural activities efficiently:

  • UkrLandFarming

The organization specializes in the cultivation of cereals and egg products. Even though the company lost part of the land bank due to the annexation, it managed to earn about $937.5 million. Currently owned by the company, 358.000 hectares.

  • Kernel

Kernel owns 558.000 land banks in Ukraine. The holding has 7 plants for the processing of sunflower seeds and oil production. Their revenues average up to $2329.5 million.

  • MHP

The main specialization of MHP is poultry farming, crop production, and meat processing. Agribusiness holding owns 368.000 hectares of land. The company has a positive dynamic. In 2016, revenue was $1183.3 million.

  • ViOil

ViOil produces Ukrainian food oil. The company is among the top 3 biggest Ukrainian producers and exporters of sunflowers oil. They can earn about $400 million despite the competition in the country.

It should be noted that these are not all organizations capable of making large profits. Currently, the agrarian market is being replenished in Ukraine. The market has grown from 45 companies to 55 enterprises in the last five years alone.

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