More “Aspide” and “Stinger” for Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, November 10, 2022
More “Aspide” and “Stinger” for Ukraine

The Italian government is ready to hand over to the Ukrainian army 2 types of equipment for air strikes

Reuters reports that Italy is preparing a new transit of military aid for Ukraine. It is known that the weapon package will include air defence systems. The exact number of units is not disclosed, but it is already known that there will be different models. Rome is preparing to protect Ukrainians' French-Italian SAMP/T systems, Italian middle-range Aspide, and also portable Stinger missiles. However, the Italian government is not ready to answer when the military package will be formed and sent to the country to the Russians attacked.

Preliminary, according to Mario Draghi's statements, the first air defence should be on Ukrainian territory in February. This will be the 6th package of military aid from Italy since the beginning of the war.

Also, the media reported that Italian defence minister Guido Crosetto had a telephone conversation with US defence minister Lloyd Austin. Ministers discussed the continuation of support for Ukraine. The Italian politician promised not to support Russia's invasion of foreign territory and to provide Ukraine with assistance while necessary.

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