More Attacks on Residential Quarters in Kyiv 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Saturday, March 19, 2022
More Attacks on Residential Quarters in Kyiv 

New wounded delivered to "Ohmatdyt Hospital"

Now under shelling is the middle part of the capital of Ukraine. Russian occupants fired at shops, residential buildings. One of the shells hit a kindergarten. The blast shattered the windows of the house next door, where the family was with a child, who was only one month old.

The mother closed the child to save young lives. The woman received many shrapnel wounds. The child’s father was also injured. The family underwent surgery at the National children’s hospital.

Boy was also taken to hospital with severe burns on his back and kidney injuries. Doctors were forced to remove some of the damaged tissue. Treatment and recovery will continue for as long as possible.

Recall that recently near the hospital in Omate a missile fell. An explosion broke the windows.

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