Mushroom Business in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
Mushroom Business in Ukraine

Ukraine, as an agricultural country, of course, takes part in mushroom cultivation

Mushrooms contain special substances that prolong the youth and keep the organism healthy. It's a popular product, that is why the average Ukrainian eats 1.4 kg of mushrooms a year.

The most common in our country are Porcini mushrooms, Oysters, and Сhampignions. Today Ukraine fully covers the domestic demand of the Ukrainian mushroom consumer. 

What do you need to open a mushroom farm?

Investment and reliable team. You already have a reliable team this is GT Invest. Investments remain.

One farm for 5-10 tons of produced product per week requires about €300-500 thousand. Integration with compost production should be a must on your farm. Ideally, your farm includes this production: pasteurization/incubation tunnels. An investment in your mushroom farm of €15 million pays off on average in 6 years.

Why is it profitable to open a mushroom business in Ukraine?

  • Possibility of year-round cultivation up to 10 harvests from one site;
  • In greenhouse conditions, the yield reaches 600 kg of mushroom from 1 square meter per year;
  • The raw material for the production of mushrooms is the usual waste of agricultural production.

Today in Ukraine there are 5 compost factories, and 300 mushroom farms are engaged in mushroom cultivation. And the figure is growing every year since this type of agribusiness is actively developing. Ukraine annually exports about 500 tons of mushrooms and 18 thousand tons of compost.

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