Musical Contribution of Ukrainian IT Specialists

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, January 18, 2022
Musical Contribution of Ukrainian IT Specialists

Thanks to Ukrainian prоgrammers, 70% of mоdern music is created, and here's why

Engineers from Ukraine's GlobalLogic are responsible for half of the process of developing advanced audio recording sоftware called Pro Tools from the US company Avid.

Developers from Ukraine have been cooperating with Avid for more than a decade, and at the moment, I am creating a line of professional software for the company. Avid's clients include Hollywood companies, television studios, and news companies. It is also worth noting that Avid has twice won Oscars, Grammys, and 16 Emmys for its technical products.

Software created with the help of programmers from Ukraine was used to record and create music for popular films such as Deadpool 2, The Hobbit, and the popular Game of Thrones series. Well-known brands such as Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Okean Elzhy, and others also used software from Avid to record their music albums.

Avid started working with Ukrainian IT specialists to ensure that a team of 10 people worked on creating plugins for Pro Tools, i.e., programmers created special effects that could then be applied to the audio track.

After the company was convinced that the collaboration with the Ukrainians was successful, it was decided that they would develop the software together. At one time, the Ukrainian team that worked on all the company's programs from the United States numbered 350 people, and currently, 200 Ukrainians perform 50% of all Avid engineering.

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