NATO May Escort Ukrainian Ships

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, May 24, 2022
NATO May Escort Ukrainian Ships

To prevent world starvation, grain-dependent countries are considering creating a fleet to break the Russian blockade of the Black Sea

Russia has blocked the Black Sea, so Ukrainian ships with grain for export cannot leave the ports. According to The Times, the work on implementing a plan to create a fleet of warships that will unlock Ukrainian cargo ships in a few weeks and organize a protected corridor from Odesa to the Bosphorus. Negotiations over the organization of a "coalition of the willing" are already underway.

The Times released information that the Royal Navy may also be involved in the deblockade of Ukrainian sea exits and the protection of cargo from attacks by Russian ships. At the same time, according to The Guardian, the UK Navy has no plans to protect Ukrainian ships. 

"Putin’s despicable blockade of Odesa is preventing food getting to people who need it. We will continue to work intensively with international partners to find ways to resume the export of grain from Ukraine. However, there are no current plans to deploy UK warships to the Black Sea." 

This measure will be saving against the backdrop of impending famine, which will come in 2 months. The United States also announced its decision to provide the defense fleet with missiles of the maximum range to destroy Russian ships, which will prevent the deblockade.

Gabrielius Landsbergis, Lithuanian minister of foreign affairs, in a dialogue with the British MFA Liz Truss, voiced the assumption that several NATO members could join the coalition. Egypt and other exporters of Ukrainian grain will also presumably want to take part in wresting their grain from the clutches of Russia.

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