Natural Environment in Ukrainian Offices

by Olha Povaliaieva
Monday, February 14, 2022
Natural Environment in Ukrainian Offices

Ukraine's most unusual offices that help people feel free

In Ukraine, the creation of environmentally friendly sites is becoming increasingly popular. Employers care about the comfort of people, so make offices like nature. And today, we will consider the top-3 fresh designs of Ukrainian companies.

IT company Grammarly provides services of online service improvement of business texts in English. It can be assumed that most of the company's employees spend their time in virtual reality. So leaders of Grammarly made everything for people — a green environment in the office. Designers used green materials and warm shades. Many elements of natural oak in the interior, motifs of open space, and a large amount of natural light allow resting in an environment close to nature. The designers also installed a side structure at the entrance, resembling a fragment of rock.

The office garden was created by Jooble, which develops job search engines. The old factory became the premises of a Ukrainian company. Today it is hard to believe because decorative trees are growing inside the building.

GlobalLogic is an international company engaged in IT product development and outsourcing in Ukraine. The corporation has several offices in the country, and each one of them is allocated by design. For example, Kharkiv (north-east of the country) has made a room-town. The corridors are designed as a road with traffic signs and traffic lights. You can move around the premises of the office not only with feet but also on roller skates or even segway. The ground floor of the building is paved with brick. There are also street lights, park stalls, and even small trees.

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