Negotiations Zelenskyy-Kristersson

by Meifan Honcharuk
Tuesday, July 4, 2023
Negotiations Zelenskyy-Kristersson

The parties discussed current events in Ukraine and the results of Sweden's leadership in the European Council

On July 4, Zelenskyy and Swedish prime minister Ulf Kristersson held online talks. For the past half year, the European Council's presidency has been Sweden's responsibility; Zelenskyy thanked Kristersson for how much his state has done for Ukraine, having the presidential abilities. In particular, 2 packages (10-11th) of sanctions against Russia were adopted.

The parties discussed updates on the military situation and Sweden's ability to transfer weapons to our army.

We remind you that tomorrow, July 5, Ulf Kristersson will fly to the White House for talks with Joe Biden. And Ukraine is one of the planned topics.

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