Netherlands Thanks the Defenders of Peace in Europe

by Meifan Honcharuk
Saturday, June 25, 2023
Netherlands Thanks the Defenders of Peace in Europe

Mark Rutte: this war has only 1 outcome — the victory of Ukraine

Every year on June 24, the Netherlands pays tribute to the veterans of WWII who defended democracy in Europe. Many of them at the cost of their lives. Prime minister Mark Rutte, during his Veterans day speech in Hague, said a few words about Ukraine and the general situation in Europe. After a terrible world war, Europe was not exposed to a greater threat than the one that Russia now bears. The world could not accept that someone would dare to unleash another war: "We were wrong." And now, the importance of a strong military is an essential ingredient for keeping the peace.

Minister Rutte thanked the members of the Dutch army and thanked them for the participation they showed their Ukrainian counterparts during military exercises "so that they can make a difference in this terrible war, which can only have one outcome: the victory of Ukraine, the success of your Ukrainian colleagues."

Minister of defence Kajsa Ollongren awarded medals for her contribution to the security of Europe: "This is noble. It takes courage. And it deserves respect and appreciation from all of us."

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