New Alternatives to Higher Education

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, December 17, 2021
New Alternatives to Higher Education

Why is 4 years for a bachelor’s degree a lot and what are the alternatives in Ukraine today  

A few years ago, the Ukrainian Ministry of education talked about too long a period for obtaining a bachelor's degree. They considered reducing the curriculum to three years. But students study as before. At the same time, education professionals increasingly agree that people need to study less. For example, Stepan Veselovskyy, the leader of a large IT community, supports education reform.

“In Ukraine, bachelor's programs are too long. I years is an abyss in the modern world,” he said.

So, what types of alternative education can be?

Vocational schools have become the most popular in Ukraine in recent years. Students after the 9th grade of the school can choose who they should be and at the age of 18.5 begin to realize themselves in the professional market. The main advantage of such an education is that a person does not have to choose between work and study, as in institutes. 105.483 people chose specialized schools in 2021.

Courses are becoming another alternative education option. To gain knowledge for a massage therapist, targetologist, copywriter, trainer, 2 to 3 months of training is enough.

Already mentioned IT community specialist Cluster spoke about the opportunities in some universities in western Ukraine. For example, in Lviv, at the Higher vocational school 29, a program for the profession of Information processing and software operator has been launched. 28 applicants chose such a project.

And so, we can conclude that it is not necessary to spend 5-6 years on obtaining higher education and only at the age of 24 to begin to realize oneself. The main thing is that the student knows who he wants to become by choosing a profession.

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