“New” Britain Will Give Ukraine Air Defence

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, December 1, 2022
“New” Britain Will Give Ukraine Air Defence

On November 19, British prime minister Sunak told about his military view

"Russia's attention shifts focus from bloody clashes on the battlefield to the brutal handling of civilians," said Rishi Sunak.

Earlier, the British prime minister visited Ukraine for the first time. After a visit to a war-torn country, Sunak said that helping Ukraine was primarily protecting itself. Therefore, the new prime minister of the United Kingdom is prepared to increase military support for Ukraine in 2023. Let us note that during the nine months of the war, Britain has become one of the largest military donors to Ukraine. The British politician plans to focus primarily on providing Ukraine with air defence. According to him, such installations are necessary to protect the civilian population and facilities that help them to live in the country. Sunak also stressed the terrorist methods to which Russia is able in the war.

Currently, the UK plans to strengthen Ukraine’s anti-aircraft defence by transferring 125 antiaircraft cannons.

Recall that earlier, we wrote about the reason why Ukraine needs additional anti-ballistic missile systems.

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