New EU Mission For Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, September 25, 2022
New EU Mission For Ukraine

Germany, France, and Poland to conduct military exercises for the Ukrainian armed forces as part of the European Union mission

The German foreign office announced the creation of a new European mission to assist Ukraine. The initiative was founded by three countries: Germany, France, and Poland. These countries will provide comprehensive assistance to the Ukrainian army. It is reported that Poland will open a maintenance center for damaged military equipment of the Ukrainian armed forces. The defence agencies of two other countries began negotiations on the construction of a repair base. The repair center is expected to "revive" military equipment, including howitzers, as soon as possible. Germany and France will focus on training Ukrainian defenders. The countries will organize military exercises for the armed forces of Ukraine.

"We recognize that long-term assistance in support of the Ukrainian armed forces entails going beyond the provision of equipment, in particular through the establishment of a special European mission for training and assistance to the EU for the Ukrainian armed forces, which will also provide maintenance and repair of military equipment," written in the collective statement of the defence ministers of the 3 countries.

The initiators of the mission also added that they are ready to support Ukraine for the time being to defeat the terrorist invader.

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