New Package of Military Assistance to Ukraine From Latvia

by Olha Povalaieva
Wednesday, January 18, 2023
New Package of Military Assistance to Ukraine From Latvia

On January 17 MoD of Latvia was in Kyiv and announced the transfer of the Ukrainian army "Stringers", helicopters, machine guns with ammunition and drones

Latvian defence minister Inara Murniece, during a diplomatic meeting with Ukrainian defence minister Oleksii Reznikov, confirmed Latvia's support for Ukraine's path to defeating Russian aggression.

"During a conversation with the minister of defence of Ukraine, I reaffirmed the firm support of the government and the population of Latvia to Ukraine in this terrible war. In the near future, we will send new batches of military support to Ukraine — Stinger anti-aircraft missile systems, helicopters, machine guns with ammunition and drones," Inara Murniece.

According to the minister, in 2023 Latvia will continue the military training of Ukrainian soldiers and double the number of trainees. The website of the Latvian Ministry of defence quotes Inara Murniece: "The whole world admires the courage and dedication of the Ukrainian armed forces and civilians in the war with Russia."

"We — Latvia, not only listen to what the president of Ukraine, the minister of defence and the Armed Forces say. We hear what Ukraine is asking for in order to be able to resist and defeat the aggressor. And we are taking action," Inara Murniece.

Before the meeting with Reznikov, Murniece held talks with the defence minister of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak. Further, a meeting will be held between Estonian defence minister Hanno Pevkur, Lithuanian Arvydas Anushauskas and Great Britain Ben Wallace. The topic of each of these negotiations is the geopolitical situation in the world and agreements to help Ukraine in the war against Russia.

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