New Pentagon $1.1 Bln Package for Ukraine 

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
New Pentagon $1.1 Bln Package for Ukraine 

The US Department of defence announced the transfer of weapons. There will be NASAMS and HIMARS

Today, the Pentagon also agreed on a new $1.1 billion military aid package for Ukraine. This package is distinguished by the presence in it of the long-awaited NASAMS.

Shortly, the country’s allies will send 2 batteries of NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems, which can include up to 16 launchers. It is noted that the Ukrainian military studies all kinds of foreign equipment in advance, so by the time of its arrival in the front zone, they can immediately start using it. NASAMS has missiles, a command post, and radar that will detect the aggressor’s targets. First, 2 batteries with 8 warfare plants will come to Ukraine. Each warfare plant will have 6 missiles. Such weapons will help the army of Ukraine to continue its counter-offensive actions to recover its territories.

But Ignat notes that the transmission process is difficult, not fast. First, the installations have large volumes. Second, transferring such weapons requires several decisions and government agreements in the US. But Ukraine is grateful for such assistance. It is noted that the complex is easily adaptable for mid-range air defence and can move.

What else is included in the military pack for Ukraine:

  • 18 HIMARS and corresponding ammunition
  • 150 armoured multipurpose wheeled vehicles (HMMWV)
  • 150 tactical vehicles for towing weapons
  • 40 trucks and 80 trailers for transporting heavy equipment
  • 2 radars for unmanned aerial systems;
  • Titan unmanned aerial systems
  • Tactical communication systems, surveillance systems, optics
  • Equipment for disposal of explosive objects
  • Body armour and other field equipment
  • Funding of training, service and support

We remind you that the Armed Forces of Ukraine can use these weapons against enemy targets located on the territory of Ukraine.

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