New Security Agreement: Ukraine and Luxembourg Enhance Cooperation in Defense and Intelligence

by Roman Cheplyk
Wednesday, July 10, 2024
New Security Agreement: Ukraine and Luxembourg Enhance Cooperation in Defense and Intelligence

Ukraine and Luxembourg have signed a bilateral agreement on security guarantees, establishing a framework for cooperation in defense and intelligence sectors

This agreement includes provisions for mutual support in the event of an armed attack and outlines Luxembourg's commitment to aiding Ukraine's path to NATO membership and ongoing defense efforts.

Key Points of the Agreement:

  1. Support for NATO Membership:

    • Luxembourg commits to supporting Ukraine in implementing reforms necessary for future NATO membership.
    • Continuous military support in land, air, and cyber-electromagnetic domains.
  2. Military Support and International Law:

    • Luxembourg's military support will be provided in accordance with international and humanitarian law.
  3. Expanded Coalition Participation:

    • Luxembourg plans to expand its participation beyond IT, air defense, and artillery coalitions to further assist Ukraine.
  4. Consultations in Event of Attack:

    • In case of an armed attack on Ukraine, consultations will be held within 24 hours to assess Ukraine's self-defense needs.
    • Luxembourg will provide military and economic support and advocate for sanctions against the aggressor.

Background on Security Guarantees:

  • Existing Agreements:

    • Ukraine has signed 21 security agreements with various allies, including the EU and the USA.
    • These agreements entail annual military support worth $60 billion for the next four years.
  • Recent Agreements:

    • Poland recently signed a bilateral agreement, including provisions for missile and drone interception in Ukrainian airspace.
    • The creation of the "Ukrainian Legion" in Poland, aimed at training Ukrainian defense personnel, was also established.

The new agreement with Luxembourg highlights the international community's continued support for Ukraine amidst ongoing conflicts and its efforts to secure NATO membership and enhance its defense capabilities.

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