New tool to Promote Business on the Internet

Thursday, September 9, 2021
New tool to Promote Business on the Internet

Google has launched in Ukraine new programs and tools, which will contribute to the economic development of Ukraine

Google's new free tool for entrepreneurs is called Search for Business Opportunities. Thanks to it, entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of personalized suggestions for promoting their company online using Google tools and get the most out of the free company profile.

The tool is easy enough to use — you just need to enter the name of your company, and Google will show recommendations on how to promote it based on the information it has about you.

At the same time, Google notes that it ensures that the business provides the most accurate information to its customers (for example, opening hours, the possibility of pickup in the store, etc.).

According to statistics (Ipsos COVID-19 tracker study commissioned by Google, 2021), 61% of consumers in the European countries surveyed (Germany, Spain, France, Britain, Italy, and so on) say that supporting small, family-owned or local businesses is important to them.

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