New Ukrainian Electric Cars “Konyk” and “Volyk”

Tuesday, July 13, 2021
New Ukrainian Electric Cars “Konyk” and “Volyk”

Ukrainian manufacturer “Elektropraid” LLC has presented compact electric cars. Two car models were presented. "Konyk" — a passenger car and truck, and a larger electric truck — the "Volyk" model

The Konyk model is made in passenger and cargo versions. The length of the car is 2288 mm, width — 1143 mm, height — 1557 mm, payload capacity — 250 kg. Mileage on a single charge is from 100 to 350 km, depending on the version of the battery, which is charged from the network within 6-12 hours, and from a quick charge station — 1-2,5 hours. The car can also be equipped with a thermal van, container or refrigerator.

The Volyk model is designed to carry 1,500 kg. The cruising range is 100 to 500 km. The length of this car — 3235 mm, width — 1380 mm and height — 1528 mm.

Elektropraid aims to develop the electric car market in Ukraine. The company was founded in 2016. Over the past five years, it has gained considerable experience in the development, maintenance and operation of electric vehicles. It has its own fleet of electric cars, a maintenance base for different types of electric vehicles, including heavy electric trucks. It was directly involved in the development of CHAdeMO and GB/T standard fast-charging stations. It is a partner of the first Ukrainian company producing fast chargers. It is a member of the international association of CHAdeMO standard fast charging production.

Such transportation may be of interest to delivery services. The coronavirus pandemic has led to the emergence in Ukraine of many different delivery services that address the issue of transportation in a variety of ways: couriers move on bicycles, mopeds, motorcycles. Manufacturers of compact, inexpensive equipment have already begun to respond to this situation, which can facilitate and optimize the investing-in-ukraine/service-for-investors/logistics-providers/" rel="dofollow">logistics of executing customer orders.

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