New Year Gifts for Ukrainians From the USA

by Olha Povaliaieva
Sunday, December 19, 2022
New Year Gifts for Ukrainians From the USA

The presidential administration plans to transfer "smart bombs" to the Armed Forces of Ukraine to destroy Russian military positions

According to The Washington Post, the US presidential administration is considering the possibility of transferring "smart bombs" to Ukraine. In fact, it is a precision technique that turns drones into "smart bombs". These bombs attach up to 2.000 pounds to air weapons and convert to a joint direct attack munition. It is not yet known whether the US president and his advisers approved of this initiative or the way in which Ukraine could use weapons.

Previously, the Pentagon provided Ukraine with multiple high-precision weapons capable of showing high defensive results. However, this kind of JDAM works differently: it hunts on the radiation that Russian stockpiles of weapons and equipment create.

Earlier, the United States announced the transfer of Patriot systems to Ukraine. In response, Russia launched yet another nuclear blackmail. However, Russian threats to NATO countries did not stop the administration of the US president but shifted the discourse in a more cautious direction.

As of February 24, the United States provided about $20 billion in security assistance to Ukraine. The funds are directed to the defence of our state.

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