New Zealand Commits $25.9 Million in Aid to Ukraine

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, February 22, 2024
New Zealand Commits $25.9 Million in Aid to Ukraine

New Zealand has pledged $25.9 million in assistance to Ukraine, also focusing on creating mechanisms to counteract sanctions evasion against Russia

This commitment highlights New Zealand's ongoing support amidst the devastating impacts of Russia's initiated war on human life, regional, and global stability.

Foreign Minister Vinson Peters emphasized the importance of international solidarity with Ukraine during these turbulent times. The New Zealand Armed Forces have been actively involved in supporting the Ukrainian military by providing training, intelligence, communications, and logistical support.

Details of New Zealand's $25.9 Million Aid Package:

  • $6.5 million allocated for the procurement of weapons and ammunition for Ukraine, led by Great Britain.
  • $7 million dedicated to humanitarian aid to assist Ukrainians affected by the war, including those displaced to neighboring countries.
  • $3 million directed towards the World Bank's trust fund for Ukraine's recovery, reconstruction, and reforms.

Furthermore, New Zealand is developing new measures to address the evasion of sanctions imposed on Russia, underscoring the country's commitment to uphold international law and support Ukraine's right to self-defense.

Defense Minister Judith Collins stressed the significance of conveying to Ukraine that the global community stands with it and signaling to Russia that nations like New Zealand back Ukraine's efforts to defend itself. This aid package is a testament to New Zealand's dedication, adding to the more than $100 million in financial support promised to Ukraine since the onset of the conflict in February 2022.

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