Norway Commits $150 Million to Czech Initiative for Ukraine’s Ammunition

by Cheplyk Roman
Thursday, March 7, 2024
Norway Commits $150 Million to Czech Initiative for Ukraine’s Ammunition

Norway has pledged to contribute up to 1.6 billion Norwegian kroner (approximately $153 million) towards a Czech-led initiative aimed at procuring 800,000 pieces of artillery ammunition for Ukraine

Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Haar Støre highlighted the urgency of Ukraine's need for extensive artillery ammunition to counter the Russian Federation's aggressive war efforts.

During a discussion with Czech President Petr Pavel, Støre reiterated the significance of addressing the current ammunition shortage, which significantly limits Ukraine's defensive capabilities. Støre underscored the critical nature of Ukraine's ammunition requirements, emphasizing the necessity of equipping Ukraine to effectively repel the severe aggression it faces.

This financial commitment from Norway aligns with a broader coalition of countries rallying behind the Czech initiative, which aims to secure almost 800,000 standard NATO-caliber projectiles. These munitions could be dispatched to Ukraine within weeks, provided that the necessary funding is secured. The initiative has garnered public support from various nations, and recent reports from Bloomberg indicate that nearly all the required funds for the 800,000 shells destined for Ukraine have been raised.

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