Norway Invests in Ukrainians and Restoration of Ukraine

by Мейфан Гончарук
Monday, May 8, 2023
Norway Invests in Ukrainians and Restoration of Ukraine

The PM of Norway announced the allocation of €378 mln for humanitarian and strategic projects in Ukraine

Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Store announced signing 2 tranches for assistance to Ukraine in several directions. €143 million (NKr 2.8 billion) for projects of state importance: reconstruction of Ukraine's civil infrastructure (schools, hospitals, houses, etc.), restoration of water and electricity supply to civilian consumers. €235 million (NKr 1.7 million) humanitarian support for Ukrainians who lost everything due to Russian aggression.

"We are in close dialogue with the authorities of Ukraine so that aid reaches those who need it most. The aggressive war of the Russian Federation causes incredible suffering and large-scale destruction every day. Our support will help ease the situation of the Ukrainian people," Jonas Gahr Store.

The funds were allocated in accordance with the 5-year commitments of the state leadership to support Ukraine within the framework of the €6.3 billion budget.

We remind you that last year Jonas Gahr Store was in Kyiv.

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