Norway to Boost Military Support for Ukraine with Enhanced Air Defense Funding

by Roman Cheplyk
Monday, April 22, 2024
Norway to Boost Military Support for Ukraine with Enhanced Air Defense Funding

Norway is set to significantly ramp up its military support for Ukraine, with a special focus on strengthening air defenses to protect against Russian missile and drone attacks

This announcement was made by Norwegian Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre, as reported by VG and UNN.

Details of the Increased Support

Prime Minister Støre highlighted that substantial funds would be allocated to meet Ukraine's immediate and urgent needs, though specific figures were not disclosed. One of the key initiatives includes Norway's potential participation in a German-led consortium aimed at providing Ukraine with advanced anti-missile and drone defenses.

"The government will increase support for Ukraine. This may involve expanding the overall framework of the Nansen program. We will invite to a conversation with the parties in the parliament on this matter," Støre stated. The Nansen program, which already enjoys bipartisan support within the Norwegian parliament, was initially set at NOK 75 billion over five years.

Støre emphasized the dire situation in Ukraine, noting the daily reports of Russian missiles and drones targeting civilian infrastructure and causing numerous casualties. "Every morning the news reports of Russian missiles and drones hitting civilian buildings, power plants and killing many people. Ukraine managed to protect itself from this, but it is starting to run out," said the Norwegian prime minister.

This move by Norway represents a significant escalation in support for Ukraine, reflecting a commitment to bolster Ukraine's defensive capabilities amidst ongoing conflict.

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