Norway to Hand Over Tanks to Ukraine

by Olha Povalaieva
Friday, January 27, 2023
Norway to Hand Over Tanks to Ukraine

The military leadership of the country believes that it is the tanks that will force Putin to sit down at the negotiating table

On January 25, the Norwegian media NRK published an interview with Norwegian defence minister Bjorn Gram. During the conversation, Gram said that Norway would join the countries supplying tanks to Ukraine. The minister did not name the quantity but said there are different variants of tanks in Norway, particularly Leopard 2A4.

"The delivery must be backed up by the training of Ukrainian soldiers and funding. In general, we must support Ukraine as much as possible in a defensive battle," Bjorn Graham.

The minister said that the transfer of tanks to Ukraine does not affect the security of Norway, but on the contrary: for the security of Norway, it is essential to help Ukraine stop Putin.

Lieutenant colonel Geir Hogen Carlsen from the Norwegian Armed forces college confirmed Boris Johnson's words that Russia has already used everything it could against Ukraine, so there is no need to be afraid of an escalation of the conflict.

"Now the situation is that the Russians have used their full potential in the war," the colonel says, adding that the strategy that Russia is now pursuing against Ukraine is a sign of desperation. First, this can be argued, judging by the enormous losses of Russian soldiers.

Geir Hogen Carlsen believes that it is extremely important to transfer to Ukraine tanks that are similar to each other in operation. Thus, in just 3 months, Ukrainians will be able to master new equipment and force Russia to sit down at the negotiating table.

Former defence minister Harald Sunde believes tanks are the ultimate tool to get Putin to end the war and negotiate.

Which states will provide tanks to Ukraine: Great Britain, Norway, Poland, USA, Spain, Sweden, the Netherlands, Canada, and possibly France.

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