Norway Will Provide Ukraine With $7 Bln

by Meifan Honcharuk
Thursday, June 1, 2023
Norway Will Provide Ukraine With $7 Bln

The PM of Norway announced a 5-year military program to help Ukraine

Norwegian prime minister Jonas Gahr Store and NATO secretary general Jens Stoltenberg held a joint meeting on assistance to Ukraine. As a result of the meeting, it became known that the Norwegian government is ready to support Kyiv in the long term. It should be recalled that Oslo constantly supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine and refugees.

Under the new decision of the Norwegian authorities, they begin a military, humanitarian, and civilian support program. €7 billion will be allocated for the implementation of the program. This amount is designed for 5 years in accordance with the state in which Ukraine is now. That is, Oslo did not take into account emergency cases.

"We will support Ukraine as long as necessary," the minister Store said.

He also expressed his position on Ukraine's accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. Jonas Gahr Store believes that membership in NATO means security for the participating countries. Since 1948, Norway has abandoned its position as a country with neutrality, which was part of the alliance. The country was forced to abandon neutrality by the aggressive position of the USSR. Norway continues the chosen path and will help Ukraine. The minister of defence of Norway notes that if the war shirts Europe, it is necessary to maintain forces and resist the aggressor.

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