Norway’s Recent Military Aid to Ukraine Totals 850 Million Euros

by Roman Cheplyk
Friday, April 26, 2024
Norway’s Recent Military Aid to Ukraine Totals 850 Million Euros

Over recent months, Norway has contributed military materials worth approximately 850 million euros (1 billion Norwegian kroner) to Ukraine, supporting the country’s defense against Russian aggression

This substantial aid package includes artillery shells, anti-tank weapons, and minesweepers, alongside tank maintenance support. Key components of the aid are 5,000 M72 anti-tank missiles, artillery shells for M109 tanks, and various spare parts.

Furthermore, Norway has committed up to 1.36 billion euros to a Czech initiative aimed at purchasing ammunition for Ukraine. Additionally, three Leopard 1 tank-based minesweepers and 12.7 million euros for Leopard tank maintenance were also provided.

The robust support extends under Norway’s Nansen program, which promises military and civilian aid amounting to 6.5 billion euros over five years, demonstrating Oslo’s commitment to supporting Ukraine long-term. This initiative highlights Norway’s role in bolstering Ukraine's air defense capabilities as announced by Prime Minister Jonas Har Støre, pledging billions towards this effort.

Previously, Norway facilitated the direct sale of defense materials from its domestic industry to Ukraine and, in October 2023, allocated 18.5 million USD for demining activities in Ukraine’s liberated regions. These efforts are crucial for the reconstruction and normalization of life in these areas.

Current discussions between Kyiv and Oslo are focused on a bilateral security agreement that would further solidify the partnership and enhance Ukraine’s security infrastructure for the future.

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