Not a Wall Yet

by Olha Povaliaieva
Friday, September 23, 2022
Not a Wall Yet

Ukraine is going to expand the border with Russia and Belarus

The parliament has registered a bill on changing the border parts of Ukraine. The government website reports that 250 MPs supported this initiative. The changes are necessary to create security for the country.

The government wants to make changes to the training of border guards. The parliament believes that the first to face aggression is the border guards, so the responsibilities related to border protection need to be clarified. The law deals with defence aspects. Ukraine also wants to involve military units in the protection of the borders.

Also, shortly, between Ukraine and Belarus, Ukraine and Russia around the entire perimeter will be an even more scattered distance. The border strip will be at least 2 km. According to the bill, it is necessary to remove all obstacles to the expansion of the border, as well as to begin the construction of reinforced strongholds for cases of armed conflict with neighbouring countries.

But it can be said with certainty that the increase in the breadth of the borders cannot be compared with the historical distance created by the Russians since February 24.

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