“Nova Post” Launched in Trans-National Office in Romania

by Meifan Honcharuk
Monday, June 27, 2023
“Nova Post” Launched in Trans-National Office in Romania

Parcels from the office in Bucharest will be sent to Moldova and Ukraine

Ukrainian private postal operator Nova Poshta follows its compatriots abroad and opens new branches in the countries with the most Ukrainians: Poland, Germany, Lithuania, Czechia, and now Romania and Moldova.

The branch is located in Bucharest: from Monday to Saturday, customers can send parcels up to 30 kg to Ukraine and Moldova. Delivery time 3 days to Moldova, 5 to Ukraine. The services cost $7-$33 from the smallest parcels (documents) to large ones. Until July 16, Nova Post Romania provides a 50% discount for its customers to celebrate the opening. To use the bonus you need to authorise on the site.

Nova Poshta has opened 19 branches in Poland (one of which is cargo), 2 in Lithuania, 2 in Czechia, and 1 each in Germany, Moldova and Romania.

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