Now Russia Won’t Even Have Chinese Chips  

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, December 14, 2022
Now Russia Won’t Even Have Chinese Chips   

China has banned the export of its "LoongArch" chips, which could act as an alternative to "Intel"

In 2022, the Chinese Academy of sciences founded the Loongson company, which created a processor with its own LoongArch architecture to replace the American Intel (X86) and AMD (ARM).

With a ban on parallel imports of chips to Russia, Loongson, with the original LoongArch architecture, could replace the supplies of Intel and AMD. It is known that Russia has already begun testing Loongson processors, but China recognised the technology as strategically essential and banned deliveries to Russia. Now the technology that China uses in the military-industrial sphere cannot be bought into a country that sponsors terrorism.

We remind you that exporting dual-use technologies to Russia is prohibited due to the country's military attack on Ukraine.

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