NTF-Art in the Museum of Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, October 26, 2021
NTF-Art in the Museum of Ukraine

Ukrainian national museum in collaboration with startup "StampsDaq" (Estonia) launches crypto-collection of Ukrainian paintings

In a current manner, the paintings will be transformed into animation and thus giving the images vivid features. The Estonian startup at NAMU plans to sell the collection and invest the proceeds in the development of the museum. Each token will bring the museum a royalty of 10% of its value.

The NFT exhibition will run on a blockchain and will take place in five levels of rarity: regular, rare, super-rare, ultra-rare and unique.

Approximately at the beginning of 2022, a platform for the sale of NFT-collections of such artists as Oleksandr Murashko, Oleksandra Ekster, Vsevolod Maksymovych, Mykola Pymonenko and others will be launched.

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