Okhtyrka on the Brink of Ecological Catastrophe

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, March 2, 2022
Okhtyrka on the Brink of Ecological Catastrophe

The Russians attack the city in turn with multiple fire systems and vacuum bombs

Okhtyrka has been suffering in the Sumy region for almost a week. Warehouses of a Ukrainian oil refinery are burning in the city. Such actions by the occupiers spread thick black smoke throughout the city. It’s almost impossible to breathe in the city.

But the local population cannot be evacuated, as Russian troops are engaged in a dishonest battle, even with the civilian population.

The enemy also shelled Ukrainian defenders with "hails". During the attack, the military unit in Okhtyrka was destroyed.

Official information portal Ukrinform reported that 70 soldiers and civilians have died. The rubble continues to be cleared. There may still be military casualties beneath the destroyed buildings.

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