Online Education Market in Ukraine

by Roman Cheplyk
Thursday, December 30, 2021
Online Education Market in Ukraine

Only 20% of online education courses in Ukraine do not relate to language, school, and vocational education, and 4 out of 5 young Ukrainians are pumping two or more professions at the same time

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly pushed the development of the online education market. Online learning is most developed in China. In 2020, China accounted for over 50% of this market. In second place is the United States, where the basis of the online education market is formed by the segments of life-long learning and higher education.

At the same time, in Ukraine, this market has not yet been fully formed, and its volumes are somewhat challenging to assess due to the lack of regular research and open reporting of the leading players. But its structure can be traced very clearly: according to the Ukrainian online platform, about 43% of the Ukrainian online education market is occupied by language courses.

In general, Ukrainians are very fond of learning: on average, seven out of ten of our compatriots have received additional training over the past three years. And among young people, this figure is even higher, especially in the capital and the main industrial centers. In cities with a population of over one million, young Ukrainians sometimes receive two or even three different education simultaneously. Naturally, counting not only courses but also traditional education systems.

All niches in online education are growing.

The most promising of them:

  • Learning foreign languages;
  • Preschool education;
  • Teaching schoolchildren;
  • New specialties: marketing, IT, design;
  • Working specialties;
  • Financial literacy;
  • Creation.
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