Open a Company in Ukraine Online

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, January 13, 2022
Open a Company in Ukraine Online

Soon, starting a business in Ukraine is getting easier. And in 2022, it can be done in a week

So you've decided to become the owner of the company. In some ways, you need a package of documents + a lawyer, premises, and employees. Step by step:

  1. Make a list of all the activities that you will attend. The right NACE will help you find a lawyer and accountant;
  2. Check the name of your company in the State register;
  3. Determine the number of founders. By law, you can be a founder;
  4. Draw up a charter. For 99% of companies, a Model charter is sufficient. It is mandatory to register the legal entity and the amount of the authorized capital;
  5. Decide on the LLC accounting system;
  6. Prepare documents and submit them to the State registrar;
  7. Open a bank account and transfer for the same amount;
  8. Premises. Rent or buy;
  9. Register employees in the state.

Of course, for the company's future development, you need a competent business plan, strategy, business mentor, and operator of business processes in Ukraine. All these are GT Invest will provide you.

You do not need to sign the Articles of association with a notary. Registration documents are received online. You will not have originals with wet seals. Wet seals are not needed for business.

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