Opening a Store in Ukraine

Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Opening a Store in Ukraine

So, you set out to open a grocery store in Ukraine from scratch. No matter what city you are in, the tasks and sequence of actions will be the same

Of course, opening a new store starts with an idea and a business plan. Despite the similarity of such enterprises, they all have something of their own, unique - a particular assortment, a good location, an original appearance, design and branding, and so on.

Today, the cost of opening a grocery store in Ukraine includes several mandatory expenses that we have collected for you in one list. These are the minimum cost items:

  • Rent of premises from $1000 per month;
  • Payment for electricity is about $250 monthly;
  • The salary of employees (salespeople, accounting) will need at least$10.000 per month;
  • A license to trade in alcohol costs $150 for each place of trade or $250 thousand for each cash register;
  • Also, for the enterprises selling alcoholic beverages, a tax for the development of viticulture and hop-growing is about $250 per month;
  • Payment of taxes on the order of $300 per month;
  • The minimum outdoor advertising (sign and window decoration to attract visitors) will be from $200;
  • The initial purchase of inventory will strongly depend on the assortment, at least $10.000 to start;
  • Commercial and refrigeration equipment (see the list in the table below) - from $30.000;
  • It is worthwhile to provide for unforeseen expenses (associated with the possible repair of the premises, revision to sanitary and fire standards) at the level of $1.500 at least once.

The approximate payback period for such a store is about a year for the rented premises. In the case of erecting your building, it will take more time.

What points should be discussed separately:

  • Equipment for your store: refrigerator, refrigerated cabinets, ready-made kitchens, etc.;
  • Premises, location of the outlet, and the presence of competitors in the immediate vicinity. It is worth keeping track of the flow of passers-by - potential customers of the future store, as well as where the nearest supermarket is located;
  • Registration of sole proprietorship. Registration can take from 3 days to a week;
  • Range.

Subtleties. First, do not immediately chase the assortment and turnover of large competitors - this will damage the balance and losses. Gradually increase the stocks of running items that are dismantled in less than a week. Secondly, to attract the first customers, it is worth making a minimum mark-up so that buyers make their choice in your favor. And thirdly, choose your staff carefully, because your salespeople are the face of the store and half of its success.

If you decide to open your store, call GT Invest, and we will help you with registration, premises, and equipment. 

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