Opening of Concrete Sleepers Plant in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Opening of Concrete Sleepers Plant in Ukraine

The state railway operator "Ukrzaliznytsia" has started to produce sleepers

For the production of its sleepers, the railway operator has launched three factories at once. All the factories, the Korosten plant, Starokonstantinovsky, and Hnjivansky factories, belong to the structure of Ukrzaliznytsia.

"All three factories were barely operational last year. But this year already working at full capacity," noted the chairman of the state railway network Kamyshyn Oleksandr.

In 2021, the factories produced only 90 000 sleepers. The target for February-March 2022 is 100 thousand concrete sleepers. For all of 2022, a minimum of 700.000 railway products are planned. On 3 February, one of the factories released the first batch. To make the factories work as fast as possible, directors expand the workforce.

It is worth noting that the Korosten plant and the railway elements make difficult reinforced concrete slabs and constructions. The plant produced products for almost $3 million during the last year. This year’s goal is to double the result.

At the same time, reinforced concrete sleepers of Ukrzaliznytsia use not only to correct defects in their ways. All three plants sell finished products to both legal entities and individuals.

If factories succeed in implementing the plan, it may be expected that exports to the EU will start to be reported. But for the time being, we are monitoring the reopening of the factories and waiting for official statements from the railway representatives.

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