Opening of the Dormitory for Mariupol Residents in Dnipro

On April 27, the first 35 families from Mariupol received social housing  
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The first dormitory for residents of Mariupol who fled the war opened in Ukraine. A residential complex of a communal type was opened in Dnipro with the help of the head of the regional Donetsk military administration, the mayors of Mariupol and Dnipro, the French government, the International Organisation for Migration, the "Rinat Akhmetov Foundation", and the humanitarian mission "Proliska".

The building of the former university was renovated and converted into a residential area. The territory is designed for 35 families. Further, according to the same system, for the resettlement of residents of Mariupol, 2 more hostels will be modernised, first in Dnipro city, then throughout Ukraine.

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