Over 1.000 Ukrainian Soldiers Were Trained in Estonia

by Meifan Honcharuk
Wednesday, April 27, 2023
Over 1.000 Ukrainian Soldiers Were Trained in Estonia

And even more gunners, snipers, and medics will educate in the future

The representative of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces, colonel Mart Vendla, said that the training of Ukrainians takes place in 4 areas: individual training, vocational training, collective training and training of command personnel. 

"Estonia contributes to the first 2 categories, that is, it conducts basic training for soldiers and specialised courses. For example, we trained doctors and also taught Ukrainians how to use FH-70 guns," colonel Viktor Kalnitsky, head of the combat training department of the General Staff of the Defense Forces.

According to Wendl, artillerymen have been trained in Estonia during this time, and today they are already defending Ukraine at the front. The colonel states that the language barrier was not an obstacle, since both sides speak English, and secondly, in military affairs, a practical approach is more critical. 

"Each course creates a good understanding at the level of units and individuals, and the military personnel of the Ukrainian Defense Forces are in contact with us even after the end of the course," Viktor Kalnitsky.

In addition, the Estonian Defense Forces train Ukrainian snipers and paramedics.

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