Over a Million Ukrainians Turned to the United Nations

by Olha Povaliaieva
Wednesday, May 11, 2022
Over a Million Ukrainians Turned to the United Nations

People appealed to international forces, including the United Nations, to rescue wounded soldiers of the "Azov" unit

In Ukraine, a collective petition was launched. Ordinary civilians want to address world leaders, including United Nations. The petition draws attention to the tragedy in Mariupol. Thousands of deaths are bad. Thousands of deaths from brutal torture at the hands of the Russian military are bad. But in Mariupol, there are still people alive at the Azovstal factory. So, Ukrainians are collecting signatures all over the world for the sake of the survivors.

In less than a week the petition has collected more than 1 million signatures. It is not difficult to support the project. The form has a box in which you need to specify:

  • First and last names;
  • Email address.

Now the petition has to gather another 500.000 signatures. Now companies, volunteer organizations, and other officially registered sources can sign an appeal to the UN. This is the step that must be taken to ensure that a collective appeal is made in an international organization. The United Nations can hear about the problem only if the petition is signed by opinion leaders, the media, and international companies.

Advancing the rescue letter is necessary because the Russian military violates humanitarian rights. On Azovstal, there are wounded soldiers. They die slowly, suffering from pain as there are no even clean water in the shelter.

That left at the factory urgently needs help. The occupiers destroyed the second underground hospital. The hostages of the factory now have no means of dressing and no medicine. The wounded are in unsanitary conditions. Even now, people with mild injuries have to amputate their limbs because, without proper medical care, they risk dying of blood poisoning.

On May 9, Russian rockets took the lives of 10 more people. All the dead are also in a closed factory.

Therefore, ordinary Ukrainians want to save those who protect the country and civilians from the occupiers for almost 3 months.

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