Peat extraction in Ukraine

by Anna Gayduk
Tuesday, November 16, 2021
Peat extraction in Ukraine

About an eco-friendly and easy-to-obtain source of energy in Ukraine

The constant rise in prices for traditional energy sources, in particular gas, outdated boiler facilities, environmental problems — all this makes us pay attention to the search for cheaper and more efficient ways to obtain energy. One of the solutions is to use such an alternative source as peat, the reserves of which in Ukraine exceed the reserves of liquid and gaseous fuels.

If we compare the extraction of peat and coal, then the development of peat deposits is much more profitable. This requires less financial costs. Peat lies near the surface, and there is no need to mine them. Peat deposits are found almost throughout the territory of Ukraine, with the exception of coastal and southern regions.

In comparison with other energy sources, such as coal, peat is more environmentally friendly. Peat combustion does not lead to the formation of greenhouse gases and acid rain. Therefore, many ecologists support this type of energy.

Peat resources are significant energy and agrochemical potential of Ukraine. Peat can be used as a municipal domestic fuel and serve as a source of raw materials for other sectors of the national economy. Peat fuel pellets (pellets), peat fuel briquettes, as well as lump fuel peat, can be used as solid fuel at industrial enterprises - for gas generators, in factory boiler houses, in railway transport. The complex use of peat simultaneously for the needs of agriculture and industry is due to the presence of a wide variety of its types, even within the same deposit. Not all peat can be used as a fuel or as a raw material for the chemical industry. In the first case, only those types of peat are suitable that have high calorific power and low technical humidity. Peat briquettes can be used in stations heating of public buildings and much more.

Peat briquettes are a worthy alternative to traditional fuels such as diesel fuel, coal, gas, wood, and sawdust briquettes. So constructing a pear extracting facility and a peat processing plant is not only a beneficial investment but also an important step towards the ecological well-being of the country.

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