Pension Regardless of Age in Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Thursday, February 10, 2022
Pension Regardless of Age in Ukraine

What Ukrainians need to retire at any age

In addition to raising pension benefits this year, the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine decided to look to the future. For example, in 2028. It is from 2028 that Ukraine plans to launch another pension reform. The change will concern the age of the people seeking retirement. Ukrainian citizens will need to fulfill only one condition to be able to rest and receive social security at any age.

The main condition for the 2028 renewal will be sufficient output. Thus, for an official and paid pension, a person must have at least 40 working years. Therefore, with 40 calendar years of experience, people can retire from the age of 58.

The Ministry of social policy also notes that additional requirements are being considered. These include the number of wages paid and the number of taxes paid. Thus, each case will be considered individually.

For the time being, this innovation is considered a draft, let us recall the existing changes. Pensioners are expected to increase their pensions in 2022. The growth is reported to be gradual. The first promotion will take place in July and the second in December. So, the pension will rise from $69.31 to $75

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