Pentagon Allocates $118 Mln to Provide AFU With “Gepards”

by Meifan Honcharuk
Friday, June 2, 2023
Pentagon Allocates $118 Mln to Provide AFU With “Gepards”

US defence Ministry signed a contract with "Global Military Products" and "SpaceX"

The department signed a document with a Florida arms company regarding purchasing and transferring anti-aircraft self-propelled vehicles to the Ukrainian army. German anti-aircraft self-propelled artillery will be assembled in Jordan. It is known that military equipment has a strict price ceiling – the Pentagon has allocated $118.3 million. The Pentagon took this amount from the project Initiative to promote Ukraine's security and funds for foreign military sales for the fiscal year 2010. It is also known that Global Military Products should complete the military order by the end of spring 2024.

Note that in Ukraine, there are already several dozen multi-purpose systems Gepard. However, the whole system was already used by other armies. The United States Department of defence and Global Military Products designed the self-propelled artillery unit specifically for the Ukrainian armed forces. Cheetahs will have modern 35 mm guns (previously 30 and 35 mm). It should be noted that the Ukrainian army is quite successful in using German facilities to defend and liberate territories from the Russian army.

In addition, the Pentagon signed a contract with SpaceX. The American Ministry is going to buy Starlink terminals to provide Ukraine with continuous communication and information.

"We are working with global partners to provide Ukraine with the sustainable satellite and communication capabilities it needs. Satellite communication is a vital level in the general network of Ukraine," the Pentagon reported.

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