Pentagon: Russia Has Not Achieved Any Goals Against Ukraine

by Olha Povaliaieva
Tuesday, September 20, 2022
Pentagon: Russia Has Not Achieved Any Goals Against Ukraine

The representative of the US Ministry of defence said that Russia is not only losing the war but also take it out on the civilian population and infrastructure of Ukraine

Putin's attack on Ukraine is nothing but the embodiment of Putin's sick fantasy. The pursuit of the "glorious past" of Russia, where it was the victor over nazism, led to the fact that Russia became an outcast and really returned to the past: without imported equipment, programs, food, systems, science, etc.

Putin planned to capture Kyiv in 2 days and establish a puppet regime there. As you can see, it didn't work. Putin went on to call for the entire Donetsk region to be under Russian control on September 15th. It didn't work either. Ukraine launched a counteroffensive, and city after city in Kharkiv, Kherson, and Donetsk regions again return Ukrainian flags. The Russian army has lost more than 54.000 personnel in Ukraine. Seeing such an army failure, it is increasingly difficult for Putin to find those who agree to go to die in Ukraine, fighting for Putin's dead values.

"We're seeing the Kremlin increasingly straining to find new recruits to fill out their thin ranks, and the Russians are performing so poorly that the news from Kharkiv province has inspired many Russian volunteers to refuse combat," the Pentagon website quoted an anonymous Ministry official.

"Our information indicates that Wagner has been suffering high losses in Ukraine, especially and unsurprisingly among young and inexperienced fighters," the Pentagon official continued.

At the same time, the Ukrainian army is highly motivated and has made tremendous progress against Russia, which outnumbers Ukraine. The Russian military is trying to resist the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but it is not fighting against the military but attacking civilian infrastructure and the civilian population. "US officials see these attacks as retaliation rather than making any kind of military sense," states the Pentagon website.

"Ukraine must have support from the United States, allies and partners to continue its effort. Nations of the world are working together to ensure Ukraine gets what it needs when it needs it. They are also working to ensure Ukrainian service members have the training needed to operate new equipment or integrate new capabilities into their military operations," Pentagon.

The US Department of dedefence official added that the state will work on Ukraine's medium and long-term needs and help our army continue the fight.

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